Wedding | Loraine & Alex Negreros

Couple: Alex Negreros & Loraine Ng
Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia
Venue: Ladera Resort

Congratulations to these newlyweds and my dear friends - Mr. & Mrs. Negreros! 

Alex and Loraine met in high school - first despising each other before they realized they apparently could not stay away from each other! Officially becoming a couple after high school, the couple continued to date throughout college at the University of Texas at Austin (my alma mater!) 

Lovers of travel, the couple went to the windy city of Chicago to be engaged and then announced a destination wedding on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Nestled between the two peaks of the island's famous Piton Mountains, Ladera Resort was excitedly chosen to be their venue -- and anyone can see why. The resort's luxury suites, famous for its open wall concept and private pool, allows for breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and jungle forest below. 

On top of the resort's amenities and views, I have to say the service of Ladera Resort's staff is highly deserving of praise and admiration! On the day of the wedding, they arranged everything from decor, dining, photography and video, hair and makeup and even helped calm the groom's nerves!  Even the resort's owner representative, Holly, came by to join the festivities and give the couple her blessing. 

Rain showers - or as the locals described it  "liquid sunshine" - came and went as expected of a tropical climate, but it did not hinder the ceremony. As Loraine and Alex exchanged their vows, we were all touched by the golden light of a glorious sunset. Though I was part of the wedding as the maid of honor and there was a venue photographer, I, of course, could not resist taking pictures throughout the day!

The one thing I admire tremendously about the two is their commitment to each other -- and I am not speaking about just being faithful in a relationship. They challenge each other to do their best in many aspects of life whether that be work or education. Each one strives to do better as an individual so that they may be better for each other as a couple. And I also have to give a shoutout to Loraine's relentless drive in achieving her goals and dreams - which of course includes pulling off this beautiful destination wedding! 

Best wishes to you both,

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